Meet & Greet

Come and say hello...

Our Aim... are an organisation driven by a passion for customer service coupled with excellent envelope and print products.

Our success is built upon our relationships and connections to our customers, be it the one time online plain envelope buyer, or the repeat printed envelopes commercial print buyer. 

Our Values...

We believe it's not just about superb quality envelopes and print, but equally important are behaviours and relationships, empowering the customer to be in control of their designs, costs and purchases.

The customer is the most important part of all our products and services from first contact through to delivery and after sales support.

Our Team...



(I.T & Ops)

Hello, welcome to our unique and perfectly
formed envelopes organisation. I take a hands
on approach to our envelopes and customers
and act as the glue between the people
you see on this page.




Hi, I've been around envelopes since
graduating from the Forestry Commission,
some time ago now! There is not much I don't know
about envelopes and printing which makes
me fascinating at dinner parties?! 


(Customer Svcs & Trade Accounts)

Hi, I like to talk, which makes this the perfect
job for me. It's my responsibility that we meet
and exceed your expectations on time, quality and price.



Howdy, when I'm not running or cycling
I'm in the print shop keeping a very close
eye on artwork, ink, printing presses and
last but not least , our team of printers.



Welcome all.
As the most charismatic and distinguished
(if not possibly the oldest) member of
Discount Envelopes, I like nothing more than
numbers.....and the odd bacon sandwich. 



Hello, is it that time already.
I am kept extremely busy putting together
the very best envelope quotes to keep the
team and customers happy.